• Cloud Call Center
    With an Intelligent and Efficient All-in-One Customer Service Platform
  • Verification SMS
    Global deployment of operator resources to quickly verify global users.
    Supports various languages, helps secure customers for enterprises, improves registration conversion rate, and speeds up business process.
    Global Agent Program
    Promote the products and services powered by BUKA,share the global network channels integrated by BUKA,and explore the blue ocean market with BUKA.
  • Global OTP For APPs Registration
    Receive global APPs verification codes online and register your accounts at once.
    Authentication Solution
    Intelligent selection of verification methods to help enterprises
    acquire customers intelligently,reduce customer acquisition costs,
    and improve arrival rates
  • GSMA INDUSTRY MEMBER, Empower Global Enterprises to Achieve More Joining GSMA,BUKA will continue to provide cutting-edge products and industry solutions to bring high-quality,convenient and smooth cloud communication experience to users around the world.
  • Follow up the Customer and Drive Customer Growth

    Easy and simple to connect with your clients via text and voice messages, no matter where they are

    • Customer acquisiton
    • Customer participation
    • Customer conversion
    • Customer retention
    • Customer acquisiton

      Promote your products, grab every customer

      Powerful various promotion methods are built into our platform to help you make the brand bigger, find cusomters, and more. With the date analysis, you will get the best customer acquisition method

      We deeply explore how companies develop customers, and emulate customers on the spot, through the combination of multiple methods, to make communication more effective

      Verify users in the fastest way, reduce user friction, improve the conversion rate of registration, so that customers feel efficient service of the enterprise

    • Customer participation

      Invite customers to interact with you and keep them active

      Send SMS notifications at the right time to maintain the interaction between enterprises and customers, and help enterprises improve customer engagement

      Collect customer feedback, send survey requests to customers to improve your business or products, and let customers know that their suggestions are important

      Connect customers at the right time, provide customers with the most suitable products in the right way, and build meaningful relationships on a large scale

    • Customer conversion

      Marketing activities are reached in time, order chains are tracked throughout

      Send the latest activity introduction to customers, effectively reach the target group, so that every effort you make is worth remembering

      Send messages such as payment care, logistics care, refund care, etc. to your customers at the key nodes of the order to improve the order conversion rate, while allowing customers to have a perfect delivery experience

      Select valuable customer groups, convey promotion information to them, quickly attract old members to revisit and shop, and improve the effectiveness of the activity

    • Customer retention

      Truly enhance customer value and make the customer more than just a contact

      Customer retention of 5% can improve the efficiency of 25%~ 95%, so enterprises should pay attention to the needs of retentive customers, follow up them in time, avoid customer loss, improve customer retention rate

      The latest activity and the care message effectively reached, wake up the sleeping customers, through this small attempt, the enterprise can get great value again

      Send care messages or voice contact to members on birthdays and holidays to enhance user loyalty and extend the customer life cycle

    15 Years of International Communication Business

    • Global compliance and connect to the world

      Global compliance and connect to the world

      With the regular telecom license, we can quickly reach the local operators in more than 190 countries and regions and experience the global communication interaction with low latency and high reliability
    • Easy access,intelligent delivery

      Easy access,intelligent delivery

      Easily integrate into your system or business process using a unified API and support international common protocol access
    • Quick reach and flexible

      Quick reach and flexible

      International arrival rate 90%, provide targeted communication plans for different needs
    • Stable system and strong performance

      Stable system and strong performance

      The system adopts a distributed architecture design to ensure the stable operation of the system; high concurrency, supporting 5 billion monthly shipments
    • Data tracing,real-time analysis

      Data tracing,real-time analysis

      Visual burial points that omni-directional track and transform data, automatically send and summarize the data, data modules help analyze and adjust the strategy, real-time data statistics with rich data tracking solutions
    • Safe and reliable, privacy guaranteed

      Safe and reliable, privacy guaranteed

      The platform supports HTTPS/SSL interconnection for encrypted transmission, automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization to ensure customer data security
    • Customer first,efficient service

      Customer first,efficient service

      7x24 hours of professional service, customer service 1V1 timely response, regardless of the size of the enterprise, should be your need, help to efficiently connect global users, achieve extraordinary business

    Easy and Fast Access

    • Sign up

      Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

    • Protocal setting

      Support SMPP protocol,allow API HTTP interface

    • Docking platform adjusting

      Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

    • Production process

      Submit tasks, report the status in real-time

    Global Customers' Choices

    • 10000+ Global Customers Amount
    • 1,000M+ SMS Amount Monthly
    • 200M+ Voice Minutes Monthly
    • 50000+ Developers
    Saudi Arabia

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