Product Features

The Call Center is an intelligent calling capability CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) platform offered by BUKA. Easily build personalized customer service systems for enterprises, supporting features such as group call transfers to agents, proportional outbound calls, intelligent call strategies, and more, to enhance both call efficiency and customer experience.

Group Call Transfer Scenario

Efficient Customer Service, Industry-Wide Coverage



Security & Surveillance



Platform Advantages

  • Global compliance

    Deeply engaged in international communication business for 16 years, cooperating with hundreds of operators around the world, promoting localization of brands, and helping enterprises with the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Stable platform and simple access

    Code package, simple integration, easy to use, BUKA supports the techniques such as large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clusters, highly elastic and scalable network structure, supports various channel resources, and enables smart solutions with high volumes up to 100 million sending.

  • Security and privacy

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission and adopts automatic disaster tolerance mechanism, redundant backup and data desensitization and preservation to protect customers' data security.

  • Efficient service

    Team with professional service , 1v1 VIP service, instant response, help enterprises to serve customers efficiently

Easy and Fast Access

  • Sign Up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal Setting

    Support SMPP protocol,allow API HTTPS interface

  • Docking Platform Adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production Process

    Schedule tasks, status report timely

A Smarter and more Efficient Customer Service Platform

Two-way improvement in call efficiency and customer experience

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