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Account Problem
How to open an account/sign up?
1. Enter www.onbuka.com, the official website of China Skyline, and click "free sign up" in the top right corner of the page.
2. Follow the prompts to enter the registration information, and please enter the mailbox you are using when entering the mailbox.
3. Click "submit" after obtaining and entering the verification code received by the mailbox.
4. Skip to the login page after successful submission.
Does the account need real-name authentication?
After signing up the account and logging in the Client, you need to complete real-name authentication before you can perform the business operations.
How to log in as a Starlink Affiliate?
Please skip to url:https://www.onbuka.com/Affiliate/, the exclusive page of our Starlink Affiliate to fill in relevant information, and follow the operating instructions to complete registration.
Authentication Problem
How to authenticate?
1. Log in the account and click account authentication on the home page.
2. Select personal authentication or enterprise authentication.
3. Follow the prompts to complete corresponding authentication
What to do if authentication fails?
1. Check whether the authenticated materials and information are uploaded correctly.
2. Tell the staff or customer service about the reasons for failed authentication and your contact information.
Why identity authentication is necessary?
It is a necessary procedure to introduce the authentication procedure for online contract signing, which is implemented according to relevant national regulations, and there are no other reasons. We will absolutely abide by the confidentiality principle of information.
During platform authentication, it always shows that it is under review?
1. It takes time to review the authentication. Generally, personal authentication is within 1 working day, while enterprise authentication is within 2-3 working days.
2. You can contact the staff or customer service if it shows that it is under review for a long time.

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