Collecting the Real Intention of Users to Help Enterprise Serve Their Users Accurately

Security verification to ensure real people operate

When the user's account changes or the password needs to be changed, the user can unlock the account/change the password by replying to the SMS content with "relevant verification content" to verify the authenticity of the user

Service notifications to understand users' intentions

Invite valuable users to book/enroll/open a service by replying "relevant service number or content" to the SMS content, simplifying the operation steps for users

Event promotion, precision marketing

Invite users to receive coupons/vouchers by replying to "relevant instruction content" in SMS during holiday marketing, periodic promotions and other promotional activities, and filter out active users for follow-up marketing

Business processing, efficient handling of user needs

When users need to change their business or carry out business processing, they are invited to reply to the SMS content with "the number or content of the business they want to handle", which guides them to complete their regular behavioral operations and allows them to complete the business they are interested in independently

Business enquiries and lead collection

SMS content includes a reply to "the number or content you need to enquire about" to obtain/enquire more information, so that companies can know the level of user interest and collect user leads

After-sales service to improve the user experience

After recommending a certain service to the user, guide the user to reply to the words such as "unsubscribe" in SMS, so that the user can no longer receive similar information. Marking the user can prevent disturbing the user. After the user completes a certain service, invite the user to reply to "number or satisfaction" to score the service, so as to understand the customer satisfaction and improve the service experience of the user

Engaged in International Communication over 15 Years to Help You Serve Your Users Easily

  • Continuous innovation and optimisation of the platform

    Fifteen years of experience in international telecoms operations, with the ability to develop the platform based on customers' needs, presenting a constantly optimised industry platform

  • Efficient and stable

    The platform supports high-capacity and high-concurrency, distributed clusters, highly elastic and scalable network architecture and other technologies, and supports rich channel resources to ensure the arrival rate

  • High quality channels

    Dedicated international SMS channel for fast response, real-time monitoring of channel operation, low latency and high reliability

  • Real-time analysis of data reports

    Real-time tracking of the return status of international SMS messages, generating visual graphical analysis

  • Security and privacy

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission and adopts automatic disaster tolerance mechanism, redundant backup and data desensitization and preservation to protect customers' data security

  • Service advantages

    Work order processing, vip service, processing progress quickly and clearly, to empower every enterprise to achieve more

Easy and Quick Integration

  • Account Registration

    After registration, the key and key for access to authentication are generated

  • Protocol Configuration

    The international standard SMPP protocol is supported, and the HTTPS interface is available at the same time

  • Docking & Debugging

    The production environment for docking and joint debugging is simulatd to help prevent massive unknown problems

  • Production Operation

    Sending tasks is submited and status report is informed in real time

Catch the Attention of the Clients

Increase user reach rate and provide more opportunities for your business to make the sales grow

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