SIP Trunk Voice Trunking

Build Quality Calls at Low Cost

  • Long distance calls, with lower call rates for international calls.
  • No need for TDM cards or trunking gateways, reducing user costs.
  • Pay only for actual usage, no contract or port/channel fees.
  • Providers are able to eliminate low-capacity network links with multiple capacity IP connections, providing quality calls.

Fast and Flexible Expansion with High Capacity Flexibility

  • Highly scalable trunk service configuration with customizable rapid trunk addition and reduction.
  • Ability to configure trunks quickly and easily via a web-based interface.
  • Interconnected with the mobile network, calls from mobile phones can also ring on the desk phone.
  • Each trunk is equipped with highly resilient capacity to meet huge traffic demands.
SIP Trunk Voice Trunking
SIP Trunk Voice Trunking

Security and Privacy

  • Trunked direct connection to carrier network, avoiding communication fee fraud, denial of service (DoS) protection.
  • Ability to route calls to multiple locations based on call volume, call origin or other policies.
  • Voice call encryption for secure privacy and transfer to backup trunking and routing locations in the event of a failure.

Platform Advantages

  • Global Coverage

    15 years of experience in the international communications business, covering more than 200 countries worldwide and supporting various languages.

  • Access Quality

    Regularly deployed by operators, the Direct connection to over 500 foreign carriers, providing premium access.

  • Efficient and Stable

    platform support, multi-channel intelligent scheduling, the Large capacity and high concurrency, distributed clusters, high availability, support for automatic disaster recovery mechanism, highly elastic and scalable network architecture.

  • Rapid Response

    VIP service with fast response and efficient service to help companies achieve the extraordinary.

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