Efficient Verification, Safe and Stable

  • Global Compliance

    Cover global operators

    Engaged in international communication business for 15 years, familiar with the laws and regulations of various countries, with global coverage of operator resources.

  • Fast Speed and High Reaching Rate

    Connecting users fast and efficient

    The platform supports technologies such as large capacity and high concurrency, distributed clusters, and highly elastic and scalable network architecture, support rich channel resources, quickly reach user data and improve arrival rate.

  • Security Privacy

    Escort your customers' information

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission, and adopts automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization storage to ensure customer data security.

Applicable to Various Scenarios

  • Convenient log in

    Dynamic authentication improves retention rate by eliminating the need to remember complex passwords

  • Ensure safety

    Sensitive operations are confirmed and authenticated to reduce malicious operations by illegal users and ensure account security

  • Identity authentication

    Guarantee the authenticity of registration, mobile phone number binding, retrieve password, and avoid repeated data

  • Information confirmation

    Important information authentication, such as information change, payment confirmation, activity confirmation, to ensure information security

Leading Platform Advantages and Professional Guarantee

Reaching within 5 seconds
Higt reaching rate
Covering 230+ countries around the world
  • Channel advantage

    In-depth cooperation with hundreds of overseas operators, multi-protocol docking to ensure that demand is met, and multiple submission methods can easily reach the worldwide

  • Platform advantage

    With 15 years of international telecom operation experience, we can carry out independent research and development based on user needs and present a continuously optimized industry platform

  • Cost advantage

    The directly connected channel has low resource price and high efficiency. The platform has flexible billing mode, which can be sent on demand and provides multiple payment modes for users to choose

  • Service advantages

    7X24 hours online service, 1V1 timely response, help enterprises achieve extraordinary

Easy and Fast Access

  • Sign Up

    Authorization key is automatically generated after signing up

  • Protocal Setting

    Support SMPP protocol,allow API HTTPS interface

  • Docking Platform Adjusting

    Adjusting according to mimicking production environment, avoid unknowns in advance

  • Production Process

    Schedule tasks, status report timely

Keep Every Customer

Seize every user and promote business development

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