Crucial Scenarios

  • Authentication Solution

    Weak Verification Method

    Platform resources are relatively simple, and customers can not choose other verification channels except SMS Message according to the needs of personal features and regional factors

  • Authentication Solution

    Verification Code High Latency

    The verification message is not received for a long time after the customer asks for the verification.

  • Authentication Solution

    Failure to receive verification code

    Users on the blacklists cannot receive SMS verification codes

  • Authentication Solution

    Fraud Registration

    fake verification and bulk registration by Robot Customer

  • Authentication Solution

    Provider status reporting Latency

    Customers have high requirements on the delivery rate and timeliness of the verification code service, but the delivery report of providers generally lags behind


Authentication Solution

Platform Introduction

  • BUKA will enrich resource types and integrate resources, and make new standards for business composition such as channel selection, time-consuming processing and billing recharge, etc. When the user can not receive the verification code in time, it will try to send multiple times.
  • BUKA will develop in the direction of industrialization and solution on the basis of the customer's industry and business. By integrating business scenarios with business logic, BUKA designs targeted industry solutions, flexibly use and combine resources to maximize the value of resources.

Applicable Scenarios

  • Authentication Solution
    Sign-up & Log-in
  • Authentication Solution
    ID Verification
  • Authentication Solution
    Information Certification
  • Authentication Solution
    Payment Confirmation
  • Authentication Solution
    Intelligent Docking, efficient and stable
    According to the message verification which uses the intelligent OTP interface, BUKA intelligently selects the verification method based on comprehensive factors such as the network operator's policies and market environment.
  • Authentication Solution
    Intelligent scheduling, High arrival rate
    Select the message to resend according to the report of the automate filling of verification code and select a different channel if it is the same number.
  • Authentication Solution
    Expert service, Quick solving
    Through the mode in which the verification code service, platforms and codes are handed over to the specialists, the goals of workforce expertise, product professionalism, and platform efficiency will be realized.

One-Time Password Intelligent Process

Process advantage

  • According to the message verification direction using the intelligent OTP interface, BUKA intelligently selects the verification method by combining the comprehensive factors such as the operator policy and market environment in this direction. Different verification methods require user-friendly prompts in the verification code form to improve the verification code filling rate.
  • If SMS is not supported, or the customer has applied for a verification code, it has not been entered within a certain period of time, and the verification method such as voice is selected to avoid the loss of new users caused by the delay or failure of the SMS message.
Authentication Solution

Global Layout, Connected to the World

  • 15 years experiences in plowing international communication

    15 years experiences in international telecommunication, able to conduct independent research and development based on the needs of users , and build up a continuously optimizing industry platform.
  • Global Compliance, Privacy Security

    Cooperation with hundreds of network operators around the world, brand promotion localization, BUKA supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission, and adopts automatic disaster recovery mechanism, redundant backup, and data desensitization storage to ensure customer data security.
  • Stable platform, Simple Integration

    Code package, simple integration, easy to use, BUKA supports the techniques such as large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clusters, highly elastic and scalable network structure, supports various channel resources, and enables smart solutions with high volumes up to 100 million sending.。

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